Experience with Mulesoft Champions Program

Mulesoft, probably the biggest player in integration arena today! The organization that focus a lot on agility and continuous product development also is very keen on increasing and enhancing the developer community. One big effort for the same is the “Mulesoft Champions Program“.

I still remember how it all started for me. One fine day, sitting at my work desk, one of my colleagues came up to me and said,

“Look, they have this rewards program. I’m participating in this and will get a Playstation 4”.

I didn’t seem very much interested into it initially because as per me all such rewarding programs are more of hoax and they stop giving you challenges or points when you get closer to a substantial reward/prize. But, I decided to give it a try only with a perspective that maybe I end up learning something or maybe I make a few contacts in the forums/community who could provide assistance when needed in my integrations work at office. So, that’s how I set for a journey unaware of where it might lead me to. Nothing to lose, everythin’ to gain!

For a few days, it went really well and to my amazement, challenges were coming and gradually I accumulated some points. Then again my skeptical self rose up and made me try whether they actually deliver redemptions or again, it was just a hoax as I thought initially. I, along with 2 of my colleagues, made redemptions from our Champions account on Mule the Max Squishy and some T-shirts. We entered our addresses and continued with more challenges whenever we got time here and there in the office or simply, from home. We did not wait for the gifts to turn up, rather decided to garner more points because if they do come, then we’ll redeem something bigger and it might turn up as well! And, after within just 2 weeks, surprisingly, all the things got delivered in nice packaging. Suddenly, we were like –

“Look everybody, we won something and it came from Mulesoft itself..!”

Then, there was no turning back. On the way to gain more points,  I was an active participant in the Mulesoft forum and earned some reputation as well, hehe! Reached the Mulesoft Expert level as well in the Champions program with only one badge to reach the Champion level. Then came the day on which I finally redeemed by points against a PlayStation 4 and a few days later for an XBox One – yeah I know, I collected too many points 🙂

But, it all went downhill after that. There was no acknowledgment, no email, no reply to messages from the support and many, I must focus on many, other people, especially from India were complaining about these things among others not being delivered and them being pending from a number of months. I felt disappointed that okay I learned a lot but still prizes were important too and all this happening is not professionalism. Alteast acknowledgment on concerns of individuals who are helping each other on community, providing support, free-marketing and propaganda for Mulesoft on social platforms; they deserve some attention. I wouldn’t deny the fact that Moderators in Mulesoft champions discussions were trying to keep things under control by quoting the issues with Indian customs and other stuff but to the end user it all seemed like, yeah what I thought initially – a Hoax!

I stopped using the Champions program for many months and regretted having spent so much of effort on it, but one day I saw an email in my inbox from Mulesoft asking for confirmation on the address on which i would like my PS4 and XBox to be delivered. And then, I was like on Cloud 9. Finally, after many months, an acknowledgment and maybe it takes a few more months to actually turn up, but it was a satisfaction that there are people at other end of the shore! It didn’t take long and both the things reached me in exact 8 days. I myself went to the FedEx warehouse to collect them as they were having some trouble related to clearance. And, TBH, I was super excited!!

My colleagues and team-mates especially were much more excited than me and the moment I reached my work-desk with the big box, they tore it apart and suddenly I was a superstar in the office. Everybody congratulating and commending on the effort and ofcourse the prizes. I must say that feeling and acclamation was priceless, much bigger than the tangible prizes themselves and truly, I completely owe that to Mulesoft for having such an amazing and moreover, true program!

I posted in the discussions forum regarding the same thing, expressed my gratitude and also insisted other people who were waiting for their prizes to have faith and one fine day, theirs will also reach them!

Thank you, Mulesoft!!



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