#4. What all does Mule come bundled with?

Development on Mule can be done both via –
  • Installing Anypoint/Mule plugins in Eclipse IDE, or by
  • Downloading the company’s signature product Anypoint Studio

We’re not going to focus on how to install that, rather we’ll look into what all is bundled into the latest Anypoint Studio distribution.

The one we’re using is a March 2015 Release, v5.1.2 and buildId 201504301511

MuleSoft is actively working on coming up with stable and updated iterations for its product, so the versions may vary. But, let’s see what all comes with your Anypoint distribution:

Anypoint about

S.No. Component
1. Mule Server v3.6.0 EE
2. Anypoint Studio Data Mapper

  • Data Mapper v5.1.2 (A Mule transformer that delivers simple, yet powerful, visual design of complex data transformations for use in Mule flows)
  • Mule Tooling Core Libraries v5.1.2
3. Eclipse – 4.4.0 (Luna Distribution)

  • Java Development Tools v3.10.0 (Provides the tool plug-ins that implement a Java IDE supporting the development of any Java application, including Eclipse plug-ins)
  • RCP v4.4.0 (The Eclipse Rich Client Platform, most commonly thought of as a UI framework, is widely adopted because it offers a way to quickly develop client-side applications)
  • Help System Base v2.0.102
  • Plug-in Development Environment v3.10.0 (Provides tools to create, develop, test, debug, build and deploy Eclipse plug-ins, fragments, features, update sites and RCP products)
4. Eclipse Web Tools Platform

  • JavaScript Development Tools v1.6.100 (Provide plug-ins that implement an IDE supporting the development of JavaScript applications and JavaScript within web applications)
  • Web Developer Tools v3.6.1
  • XML Editors and Tools v3.6.1 (Support of Web standards in the scope of the Web Standard Tools subproject includes languages and specifications published by open-standard bodies (e.g. W3C, ANSI) that are commonly used by Web-centric applications (e.g. HTML, CSS, JavaScript, XML, XSD, XSLT, WSDL))
5. Eclipse Modelling Project

  • EMF Common v2.10.1 (focuses on the evolution and promotion of model-based development technologies within the Eclipse community by providing a unified set of modeling frameworks, tooling, and standards implementations)
  • EMF Core v2.10.2 (A common standard for data models, many technologies and frameworks are based on. This includes server solutions, persistence frameworks, UI frameworks andsupport for transformations. It consist of three fundamental pieces viz. EMF, EMF.Edit, EMF.Codegen)
  • XSD Edit v2.8.0 (XML Schema Definition, a recommendation of the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C), specifies how to formally describe the elements in an Extensible Markup Language (XML) document)
  • XSD Model v2.10.0 (An EMF-based implementation of Service Data Objects (SDO). XSD provides a model and API for manipulating components of an XML Schema, with access to the underlying DOM representation of the schema document)
6. Eclipse Graphical Editing Framework

  • Draw2d v3.9.101 (A layout and rendering toolkit building on top of SWT)
  • GEF v3.9.101 (A framework used to create rich graphical editors and views for various diagrams and is well suited as a graphical representation of data, widely used in Eclipse)
7. Javlin

  • CloverETL Commercial v3.4.4 (A Java-based rapid end-to-end data integration framework designed to transform, cleanse, and distribute data into applications, databases, and data warehouses)
  • CloverETL Designer v3.4.4 (A desktop visual data integration tools for designing, developing, testing and debugging data transformations)
  • CloverETL Designer License v3.3.0

Stay tuned for the next post in which we’ll focus on the Mule server startup and all that happens with it..!!


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