#3. What really to expect from this blog?

Knowing how to create a Mule flow and setting up various components/connectors can easily be read and implemented by the already available official MuleSoft documentation, various blogs, publications and of course, every developer’s elixir “The Mighty StackOverflow“. But, they do not explain what exactly happens at the core and whatever you put in the configuration XML, the tags and the attributes are interpreted in what way by Mule to achieve the expected functionalities.

This blog is all about discovering the most important things, if not all, happening at the heart(or the brain, not a single clue about that) of Mule. After putting lots of effort, time and energy in decompiling JARs and studying inner classes/mechanisms, various posts in this blog will be uploaded, on a regular basis, to enhance the understanding and knowledge of actual Mule concepts. We know, it won’t help much in simple implementations wherein only dragging-and-dropping would enable the functionality you may want but it is for the special breed, always craving to understand the platform rather than just being content by sipping the skimmed milk.

That’s why the name, “Taming the Mule”..!!

Stay tuned and happy coding!


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