#2. Unraveling the mystery behind name “Mule”

Mule is a great tool when it comes to Enterprise Integrations, it is flexible, robust and has a large library of connectors for the most popular systems out there.

Consider a situation, you saying to your mother,

“Hey Mom, I’m working with Mule these days at my office and I can see a lot of potential out there..!!”

Your mother lost you (pun intended) when she heard Mule.

“What? Why in the world are you working with Mule? That’s a donkey, right?”

And, your serious dream about your future washes away with those questions.

So, have you ever wondered or tried exploring why the name “Mule”? Why couldn’t the folks at MuleSoft come up with something that sounded legit and at-least not being laughed at!!

This is the excerpt as taken from the book Mule in Action that would unearth the mysteries for you –

“After working on a couple of bespoke ESB systems, I found that there was a lot of infrastructure work to be done before you can really start thinking about implementing any logic. I regard this infrastructure work as “donkey work” as it needs doing for every project. I preferred Mule over Donkey and Ass just didn’t seem right 😉. A Mule is also commonly referred to as a carrier of load, moving it from one place to another. The load we specialize in moving is your enterprise information.”

— Ross Mason, CTO & Co-Founder, MuleSource Inc.

So, that’s how Mule got its Birth Certificate stamped with something that certainly makes it stand out of the crowd…


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