#1. Who are we?

A vibrant team of young Mule enthusiasts and professional ESB developers, working in an organization to achieve Data Integrations between various systems, sipping hot black coffee in a cool rainy day thought of doing something big and noble.

Difficulties and issues are an often encounter and the official Mule documentation is good, ahhmmm, not always enough. After a lot of struggling over the internet, scrolling sites and docs, merging tits-and-bits from here and there, we resolve issues and our functionalities see the morning sunlight. So, we thought of putting some cool Mule implementations and methodologies over the internet, at a single easily accessible place, for our buddy developers trying to solve the mysteries.

Just like replies and solutions from unknown friends helped us out, now its our turn to show gratitude and help everybody in all possible ways.

Happy coding and let’s Tame The Mule!!


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